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Product Name Delivery Time Avarage Delivery Time
Ads Accounts 6 Hours 24 Hours
Payment Gateway like Stripe Account 6 Hours 24 Hours
Cloud Accounts 6 Hours 24 Hours
VCC 6 Hours 24 Hours
Developer Accounts 6 Hours 24 Hours
Others Accounts 6 Hours 24 Hours

Time is always important- for you, to us also to all. In our personal living, we can waste some minutes enjoying a match or a movie. But when it really is business, we do not spend your time since it offers us money and money is critical.

Nevertheless, in our business, we do not wish to waste a moment of our consumers. We know that there is always an urgent situation and we value that. This is exactly why we are greatly concerned with the delivery time.

We attempt to come after a quick procedure to generate the account and deliver it to your clients. So, you can depend on us.

Normally you can find two different types of reports we sell- old accounts and new accounts.

Delivery period of old balances: If you order older accounts, we send the login details and other deliverables as soon as we get the payment. In cases like this, you never need to attend that much.

The shipping period of accounts: If you order a new account, we make an effort to send you from our accounts that are ready. In that circumstance, that you don't need to wait after we get the payment.

But if you're seeking a freshly established account, it takes a time to create the account ready and verify details. After the confirmation process is over, we ship all the deliverables to you through email. In this case, you'll have to wait around until we complete all of the verifications.

Generally, affirmation does not require a much time moment. Nonetheless, it depends on various accounts. Yet, we normally inform you of the number of days you want to wait patiently to find the account at your fingertips.

Thus, the final verdict is always attempted to supply the account whenever possible. Don't stress, we don't want you to wait long.